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Happy News

News stories that make you smile

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Positive news stories.
Are you sick and tired of hearing about wars, violence, crime, disasters and disease? Do you wish the news could focus more on the goodness in humanity and the simple wonders of the world?

The world isn't all bad. Not all people are criminals. Kind strangers exist, love prevails, and happiness can be found. This community is for linking and discussing news stories that focus on the brighter things in life. Anything that brings a smile to your face, makes you laugh or touches your heart. Only positive thoughts and good vibes allowed. :)

I don't like rules. I'm a really laid back person. The only thing I ask is that:
- Stories posted come from a valid media source (online news, newspaper, TV, ect ... ). Citation and/or link is prefered if possible. Please don't post news about your personal life or jokes -- even if they do bring a warm smile, there are other communities for those particular topics. :)
- All stories posted must be kept within the spirit of the community, which is positive news stories. Stories pertaining to violence or cruelity don't belong here. Look at the interests if you want an idea of what positive news stories are.

For general happiness and exciting things happening in your personal life, please consider the community _yayness_. Thank you!

If you would like to post inspiring stories or writings, check out Shared Inspiration!

This community is owned and maintained by daughterofeve. If you have any questions, problems or complaints, please contact her.