bewtifulfreak (bewtifulfreak) wrote in happy_news,

Bon Jovi in his own words, bringing Soul to those in need

By Courtney Hazlett

On the eve of the opening of Jon Bon Jovi's new community restaurant, Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, N.J., I got the chance to sit down with the singer and talk about his new project.

And what a great project it is: Bon Jovi created a place where people can come and eat fresh, often organic and locally sourced food, regardless of whether they can pay. That's right: there are no prices on the menu, just pay what you can, if you can (if you can afford to eat, the suggested minimum is $10 per meal). If cash is an issue, the Soul Kitchen will gladly take an hour of volunteering in exchange for the three-course meal.

Check out the video and see for yourself, the project Bon Jovi is excited about, and hopes that you'll "steal" for your own community.
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