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Possum v chainsaw...doesn't turn out as bad as you might think.

Possum and joey survive chainsaw

A possum and her joey who survived a round with a chainsaw are expected to make a full recovery to the astonishment of vets.

It was a terrible case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for the hapless pair, dubbed Chainsaw and Two-Stroke by carers at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

The possum was asleep with her joey in her pouch when workers began felling a tree at Thornlands, south-east of Brisbane, on Tuesday.

But she was so well camouflaged they didn't see her and the chainsaw slashed her across her chest, leaving a horrible wound.

Panicked workers rushed the animal to the wildlife hospital on the Gold Coast, where staff soon discovered the joey tucked safety away in her pouch.

Senior vet Michael Pyne said mum and baby were doing well, and Chainsaw had been extremely lucky.

"She basically had a 20-centimetre wound that extended from up near her spine to down the front of her chest and that wound was about eight centimetres wide as well," Dr Pyne said today.

"She's just very fortunate it didn't actually get into her chest cavity at all. So really it's just nasty external wounds and a heap of stitches."

As staff carefully stitched up Chainsaw, they found the joey.

"He's very lucky. If the wound was another 10 centimetres further south towards [the mother's] back, little joey would have been really chewed up," Dr Pyne said.

The possums will stay under observation for two weeks before they are released back into the wild.

"Mum's eating well and producing plenty of milk, still a little stressed but that's not surprising," Dr Pyne said.

"But the main thing is they're not stressed so much that they're not eating."
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