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Happy News

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Homeless man allowed to keep $77K he found. [15 Jun 2012|01:24am]


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What a novel idea! [01 May 2012|01:09am]

Disciplining with kindness makes suspensions drop 85%.

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Sunbathers in Brazil rescues 30 beached dolphins within minutes! [09 Mar 2012|11:46pm]

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The videographer was filming the beautiful ocean when a pod of dolphins were washed ashore by the strong waves - within minutes, without seeming stopping to plan, a troop of beachgoers simply went up to the stranded dolphins and dragged them back into deep waters where they swimmed off. Hooray!

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103 year old woman saved from foreclosure [05 Jan 2012|12:20am]

This is a really touching story! foreclosure stopped

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Anonymous donors pay layaway accounts for poor families [16 Dec 2011|05:09pm]

Around the country, anonymous donors are paying off layaway accounts at K-Mart for poor families.

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[24 Oct 2011|04:02pm]


Bon Jovi in his own words, bringing Soul to those in need

By Courtney Hazlett

On the eve of the opening of Jon Bon Jovi's new community restaurant, Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, N.J., I got the chance to sit down with the singer and talk about his new project.

And what a great project it is: Bon Jovi created a place where people can come and eat fresh, often organic and locally sourced food, regardless of whether they can pay. That's right: there are no prices on the menu, just pay what you can, if you can (if you can afford to eat, the suggested minimum is $10 per meal). If cash is an issue, the Soul Kitchen will gladly take an hour of volunteering in exchange for the three-course meal.

Check out the video and see for yourself, the project Bon Jovi is excited about, and hopes that you'll "steal" for your own community.

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Man lassos pair of dogs trapped in canal [08 Sep 2011|10:31am]

Good Samaritan lassos pair of dogs trapped in canal
By Phil Ferolito
Yakima Herald-Republic

MOXEE -- Noya Deats' routine walk along the Roza Canal turned disastrous Wednesday when her two dogs, Fawn and Nia, decided to take a swim.

Despite signs warning folks to stay out of the canal, she said she's let her dogs off their leash before without any problems.

But once in the water, neither dog could get out because of the swift current. Unsure what to do, Deats ran alongside the canal to keep up with them while she called her husband, Matt, and the police.

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Man turned heartfelt emails into works of art - for free! [25 Aug 2011|09:10am]


"It's not inherently a bad thing when you have things [such as email] that are so quick and so immediate happening all the time, but there's a certain numbing effect that's created versus taking the time to sit down and be very deliberate and thinking about someone, choosing your words very exactly and hand-writing them," Ivan Cash says. "It forces us to have more intention."

Cash created Snail Mail My Email, a service where you can send a message to his website, and a handwritten letter will be created and mailed to a designated person for free. Cash and his 200 volunteers across the globe spend anywhere from two minutes to two hours crafting letters for people.

Read more:  http://www.wtop.com/?nid=41&sid=2494394

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[17 Aug 2011|02:02pm]


BBC News - England riots: What are the Post-it note 'love walls' all about?

Rowenna Davis, a councillor in the London borough of Southwark, which includes Peckham, says the spontaneous "wall of love" was "about the silent majority expressing themselves in colour, words and community - rather than violence and destruction".

"It was quite cathartic for people to know that other people felt the same, that they were not alone, that people loved their community, and there was pride in the area."

Davis's messages included "Peace in Peckham", "I'm so proud", and "Let's keep joining hands".

Another sticky note advocate is 35-year-old advertising manager Lynsey Saker, who has lived in south-east London for four years.

She says her friends went out in Crystal Palace armed with them "in order to show the community that we will repair it, we will rebuild it, but most importantly that we care about it".

"It upset me to see shops vandalised, I know how much passion people put into their businesses, this is a lovely community, it was a way of expressing how we felt, of showing we appreciated them," she says.

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Possum v chainsaw...doesn't turn out as bad as you might think. [05 Aug 2011|08:17pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Possum and joey survive chainsaw

A possum and her joey who survived a round with a chainsaw are expected to make a full recovery to the astonishment of vets.

It was a terrible case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for the hapless pair, dubbed Chainsaw and Two-Stroke by carers at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.Collapse )

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